Every spring, for millions of years, the Sandhill Cranes migrate through a narrow patch of Nebraska in what has been called a spiritual event. It usually occurs between Valentine’s Day and Tax Day. It’s Nebraska’s eco-tourism time for celebrating beauty. 

But in 2020, this yearly event was closed to the public when a devastating global pandemic came to Nebraska. 
As the Cranes descended on the plains in their awe-inspiring natural display of family, community, and the circle of life, humans were forced apart, first by the pandemic and then by ourselves.
This is the story of what happened after the 2020 Great Migration of the Sandhill Cranes...
This is the story of the Pandemic on the Plains.

Seasons of COVID chronicles the chaos of the pandemic as each season brought new challenges, perils, and inflamed debates about race, politics, and public health. In other words, we humans struggled to protect our own as we confronted a host of societal challenges. We succeeded in some areas and failed in others. We learned to social distance and a new vocabulary.

And debates pitting public safety vs individual freedom continue to emerge.

But the real question is what have we learned? 

Seasons of COVID combines film shot by award-winning filmmakers with extensive interviews with some of the key subjects of during the pandemic. To make this new film, Le Sueur re-assembled key members of The Art of Dissent team and is again working with filmmaker Susan Pahlke, award-winning composer Tom Larson, NUtech Ventures’ Arpi Siyahian (PhD) and Brad Roth (PhD). James and Susan are co-writing the script and have been filming together since March 2020.
Our team is also collaborating with Nebraska Medicine, University of Nebraska College of Medicine, the Crane Trust, the Hixon-Lied College of Fine and Performing Arts, and the Glenn Korff School of Music.

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